Data Scientist (Schiphol Oost)

Data Scientist (Schiphol Oost)

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Data Scientist (Schiphol Oost) Solliciteer bij de werkgever

Type of vacancy: Regular
City: Schiphol Oost
Hours per week: 40
Education: Bachelor's degree (HBO Bachelor); Master's degree (HBO Master or WO-pre-master); Master's degree (HBO Master); Master's degree (WO Master)
Apply before: 10/03/2023




The customers of Air France KLM Martinair Cargo (AFKLMP) want to do business with us via the channel of their choice, and with fast and easy response. Our Customer Service staff want to be there with our customers along the full cargo journey. They want to be able to step in with all relevant information to help and support the customer wherever needed. Digital Commercial plays a crucial role in this dynamic by leading and delivering the right technology to serve our customers correctly via their preferred channel. Moreover, Digital Commercial ensures that our front-line staff is equipped with the right tools to bring an excellent customer experience through every touchpoint. AFKLMP Cargo currently is and wants to remain a front-runner in the industry in distribution and related technical and procedural innovations.


Customer Insights and Analytics (CIA) is a data science team within the Digital Commercial Program that focuses on several data projects, such as personalization, churn prediction, and customer profiling to enable our product innovation. Our team has matured significantly in the last 2 years: We brought our first models into production, conducted A/B tests and will have various new proof of concepts.

What are you going to do?


Your primary focus will be on revolutionizing our commercial processes through advanced modeling and actionable insights. By diving deep into the world of Air France-KLM Cargo Commercial customers and digital channels, with a particular emphasis on digital applications such as APIs, services, and front-end channels, you will have the opportunity to make a tangible difference. Your contributions will translate into measurable improvements spanning the entire customer journey, such as targeted campaigns, personalized digital customer experiences, and more effective sales and service activities.


The data scientist translates business problems into insights and builds models in a scalable fashion. With an open and growth mindset, the data scientist is end-to-end responsible, from talking to the business, gathering the data, processing the information, developing the content, maintaining and supporting the products it’s a part of, as well as presenting the insights and using them to create new product, feature, sales & service opportunities.

Where do you land?


A challenging and dynamic job that will open up career perspectives

A great diverse team and innovative working environment with international dynamics


We encourage innovative freedom. Being close to the business users means you are in the right organizational structure to build trust and learn domain knowledge. At the same time, we value a close relationship with the wider data science community in Air France KLM, so that you will continue to grow.

Your profile


We are looking for a passionate, experienced, and pragmatic Data Scientists; A curious builder who communicates effectively and enjoys working in a fast-paced environment.


  • You possess a bachelor's or master's degree in operations research, data science, or computer science.
  • You will demonstrate proficiency in selecting appropriate machine learning techniques, be well-versed in multiple ML methodologies, toolkits and programming languages (i.e. Python).
  • You are able to discern data pitfalls and biases. Successful candidates will have a proven track record of transitioning machine learning models from development to production, maintaining code quality, and utilizing custom evaluation metrics for optimal results.You will demonstrate the ability to transition between rapid prototyping and robust software engineering.
  • The ability to quantify the impact of data processes on business outcomes and effectively prioritize critical issues is a key aspect of this role.
  • You possess the capacity to convey complex modeling concepts to both technical colleagues and non-technical stakeholders. Strong communication skills, along with the ability to advocate for one's findings, are essential.
  • Candidates with specialization in areas such as recommendation engines, or reinforcement learning will be given particular consideration.
  • Familiarity with ML industrialization practices is a desirable attribute
  • You Keep up to date with the latest developments in machine learning technology is crucial, and we value candidates committed to ongoing professional growth.
  • Fluency in English is a requirement
  • Candidates with minimum 2 years of professional, hands-on experience in machine learning in a and data science will be considered.


We offer

  • We offer a dynamic and challenging position that provides you possibilities for leading edge craftsmanship and self-deployment and where you can make the difference;
  • A gross salary between €3.800,- and €5.400,- per month;
  • Plenty of room for personal development and wonderful career opportunities;
  • A good pension scheme and 8 percent holiday pay;
  • An end of the year bonus of 8,33% 
  • 25 days of paid holiday and 5 extra days off;
  • Great discounts on airline tickets (if you have been in service for at least 6 months);
  • A travel expenses scheme and free use of the bus network around Schiphol;
  • Discount of your health insurance;
  • A personal budget for sustainable employability;  you will have a clear career path with opportunity for growth. We will be investing and invested in your development as a professional.
  • You will also get the chance to contribute to making Air France KLM the world’s leading Data & Technology-driven airline. This means working with cutting-edge technology and talented, driven people within your field.

Ready for your next destination?

Don’t wait any longer, send us your CV before the final boarding call on 10/03/2023! A motivation letter is no longer required; we will simply ask you a couple of questions during your online application. Within two weeks, you will receive a message from us. Your application procedure consists of two interviews and –possibly- an assessment and security research.

A file check (for ex-KLM-employees) and/or a reference check can be part of the application procedure. By applying for this vacancy you consent to these checks.



If you would like to know more about the position, please contact the hiring manager. Call or e-mail the recruiter for questions about the application process. In both cases, don't forget to mention the vacancy number: #14790 .


Hiring manager






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